Leadership skills are areas of competency that can be applied to a variety of contexts. The Center teaches leadership from a skills-development model, and focuses that model on four main areas of leadership skill development. In each area are specific skills and attributes essential to exercising leadership in any environment.

Self Development

Developing perspectives, insight, and understanding about ourselves is crucial to leadership development. We provide structure and ideas to help you develop skills related to getting the most out of yourself.
Self-development has two main dimensions: self-awareness and self-management. Learn More

Interpersonal Development

Interpersonal skills are always high on the list of characteristics employers and organizations look for in people. They are skills that will help you build better relationships with everyone you interact with at work, at home, and in your community. Illinois Leadership can help you communicate more effectively, be a better team player, and understand the importance of ethical practices. Learn More

Organizational and Group Development

Invariably, you are affiliated with several organizations or groups. Illinois Leadership® is committed to providing opportunities that encourage development of skills that will make you a better group member, organizational participant, or employee. Learn More

Transitional Development

Transitions happen continuously throughout our lives. Graduating from college. Getting a job. Building a career. Getting involved in clubs, organizations, and civic groups. Discovering new places, people, and ideas. Learn More